The Pioneers – Disciple Making in The Episcopal Church

Over the last eighteen months, members of the Growth Team at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Gladstone New Jersey were engaged in a challenging proposal:
The most effective way to grow an Episcopal congregation is to help men and women who are not already disciples of Jesus commit to this path.
This statement might seem simple or obvious. It isn’t for Episcopalians! It actually raises a wide array of questions for us.
What do we mean by growth? How can we help someone make a commitment like this? What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus? How do you make a disciple without seeming like you’re part of another kind of church?
In the following short video, members of the team tell what it’s been like for them to work on these questions – vital questions critical to the future of The Episcopal Church. They share a little of what they experienced and what they learned – and the exciting difference it’s making in their spiritual lives and the life of St. Luke’s. These are their stories…
We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing how the Growth Team at St. Luke’s Gladstone experienced their new learning and personal growth. If you’re interested in taking this journey with others – and moving your own congregation toward health and growth as it makes disciples who make disciples.